John H

King jiu-jitsu is an amazing place to learn your basics in self defence and jiu jitsu. I came across Professor Gregg’s classes recommended by a friend and I have learned so much in a span of 1 month. Learning this art has also helped me in other facets of my life. If your thinking of joining or even want to take a few classes, I definitely recommend it. Oss! 🥋

Michele F

If u want To train nice BJJ, that's the place!

Dav Y

Gregg is a great person who is genuine about his philosophy and approach towards coaching BJJ. He is also a great ambassador and representative of the local BJJ community. Everyone I know has nothing but positive things to say about Professor Gregg King and his school.

Rob G

Great school for all levels of BJJ practitioners. Gregg King is one of the nicest guys in Jiu Jitsu and his students are all beasts.

Dane B

King Jiu-Jitsu provides a training environment that reflects Gregg's personal philosophy on BJJ: Train hard and the lamb becomes the lion. Gregg trains champions and changes lives with his mixed approach that combines traditional self-defense curriculum with the most relevant techniques in the modern sport jiu-jitsu game. Students under his tutelage are equipped to defend themselves and the people they love, and compete at the highest levels of sport BJJ and MMA. More importantly, they learn the values of bravery, confidence and resiliency during his classes, which incorporate strength training, conditioning drills, detailed instruction and live sparring. Gregg invests heavily in new students and his welcoming approach has made KJJ a family club where everyone can feel at home. I would recommend this club & team to anyone who wants to get started in BJJ.

Steve S

I love the atmosphere and the technical instruction Professor Greg King teaches. I highly recommend this gym for all levels of people wanting to learn BJJ. One thing that differentiates this gym from others is that they teach classic BJJ self defense as well, where alot of other gym's only teach the sport aspect.

Rafaele C

Safe and fun environment. You can find both sport and self-defense Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Professor Gregg is always prone to listen to students and make classes better. He constantly brings new techniques to the table and often invites high-level faixa pretas (black belts) to help build up practitioners arsenal.


Great instructor who is very involved with the BJJ community

Darson H

Great school with new, friendly faces regularly. Look forward to the next open-mat training session! OSS

Richard J. H

Professor Gregg King and King Jiu-Jitsu is the one stop shop for all your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu needs from traditional self-defense,competition training and healthy life style! Men,Women and Children of all ages! On top of this he's a really great guy!

Michael Mc

My son and I love the great instructor professor Gregg King and the family atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Dayne J

Gregg is an outstanding instructor. Gregg makes training fun and he has a great way of inspiring students and building their confidence. Great one on one coaching. He is a very detailed and technical instructor and a great person.

Fabio F

Greg is one of the nicest men I have ever met. Kudos

Jason F

Solid instruction with the proper mindset on how to positively influence people through martial arts and Jiu Jitsu!

Ryan C

Sensei Gregg cares for his students and is dedicated BJJ practitioner. Truly recommended for all ages and you won't be disappointed.

Adisa J

Gregg is a truly inspirational instructor who practices what he preaches. He is technically sound and ensures that you fully understand the basics before moving on. Always remember that “A strong foundation leads to future success.” If you are interested in starting your BJJ journey, give King Jiu-Jitsu a try.

Domenic P

Greg is any amazing part of BJJ culture. He has A tremendous amount of passion towards the art of jiujitsu that is hard to find. Try a class and see for yourself!!