Kids JIuJItsu and Self-Defense  imageKids JIuJItsu and Self-Defense  imageKids JIuJItsu and Self-Defense  image
Mixed Martial Arts for kids? Yes, competition jiujitsu for kids! Children of ages 7 to 12 can participate in our family-friendly, competition-oriented jiujitsu classes. Our classes are designed to teach children the discipline and self-defense skills they need to grow into responsible adults. With a variety of combat styles and techniques, our curriculum uses games and fun exercises to keep kids engaged while they learn. Our classes are led by top of the line instructors who have decades of experience competing in mixed martial arts competitions themselves.

Teaching the Kids and Teens how to have fun while learning BJJ and Self- Defense is something we take great pride in.

When we see them smile and enjoy learning this Great, Powerful yet Gentle Martial Art, It makes it all worth it to have created such a program.

They are the next generation and we need to cherish them and show them the way, That is why Professor Gregg, his instructors and team are always there to make sure the kids have the best training, instruction and role models so that they understand the better ways of life and true discipline.

We take teaching your kids and teens seriously and will make sure that they always feel respected and rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Many benefits will be gained from learning BJJ such as :  Increased flexibility. Quickness of the mind, Improved fitness, strength and general physical conditioning.

It would be an HONOR to teach your kids and to be their Martial Arts Professor.